another freeby :)

January 1, 2011

i just love synchronicity! as i was browsing stonesoup (after my last post) i stumbled upon a free e-baking cookbook! i haven’t looked through it too much, but i’m excited to! baking with 5 ingredients or less? yes please! head over here to get your copy! you can also get a free e-cookbook here!


2 Responses to “another freeby :)”

  1. minlayman Says:

    SO I love this idea, but as I’m going through the e-cookbook, I’m realizing that some of her 5 ingredients are awfully fancy things I never have around the house! lol! I need a book that’s 5-ingredient meals that involve ground hamburger, bread, beans, tomato sauce and noodles. haha!

  2. Tiffany Says:

    ha! isn’t that hamburger mac? or something like that? well, i think it’s the idea that counts, and i’m sure you can make swaps for more everyday ingredients! 🙂

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